Roy Subum Lee is a Sydney-based artist who practices lens based art and sculpture. He began to take an interest in the land of the vast remote and unpopulated areas of Australia when he migrated to Australia in the early 1990s . In the Outback he explores various emotional stories that are embedded in thousands of years of Aboriginal peoples’ lives and the lives of European settlers in the period of colonization. The topography of the land and the landscape are reconstructed through the lens, so that the story of introduced human life appears as a series of objects superimposed upon the landscape. These conceptual images were reflected in his recent artwork series “Red, Dust, Wind in Outback”.

Subum was born in South Korea, where he completed a B.A degree majoring in sculpture. He then had the opportunity to pursue academic art studies in Sydney, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts (Photomedia) degree from the Art and Design College of the University of New South Wales. His work has been exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas.