Roy Lee is a Sydney-based artist who practices contemporary photography and sculpture. He was born in South Korea, completed a B.A degree majoring in sculpture then he had another chance to pursue academic art studies in Sydney. From this point on, Roy began to take an interest in the land, which explores various emotional stories that are embedded in the living environment of humans – that is, the land. The topography of the land and the landscape are reconstructed through the lens, so that the story of introduced human life appears as a series of objects superimposed upon the landscape. The scene thus unfolds into what could be described as a modern visual language. These conceptual images were reflected in his recent artwork series which he undertook as part of his course work while studying for the degree of Master of Arts at the Art and Design College in the University of New South Wales in 2015.

Roy held a solo sculpture exhibition in 1997 during his Master of Arts course at the Art and Design College, UNSW. More recently, he held a solo photography exhibition at Ryugahyun Gallery in Seoul, in July 2014. He has also taken part in more than 40 group art exhibitions in Australia and Korea during the period 1994 to 2016