In ‘Unforbidden Ruralscapes’ series, man-made structures and sites are framed within the vastness of surrounding ‘outback’ landscapes, using aerial image collected from drones, re-constructed together into spherical compositions. Myworks explore and reconfigure the formal and aesthetic possibilities of lens-based aerial photography, proposing an abstract-look, new and unconventional perspectives on contemporary landscape and our point-of-view within it.

Captured on-location in remote regional Australia, the images of small towns farms, mines and historical monuments, document and contextualize human impacts on the environment and to the traditional patterns of rural life that resonate with the dramatic transformations I observed in my home village in rural South Korea.




The Fence 120cm x 120cm


Muddy road 120cm x 120cm


Corrugated Iron Church 120cm x 120cm


Gumlake_120cm x 120cm



Recall memory of blue sky _ 120cm x 120cm