The ‘Unforbidden Ruralscapes’ series encapsulates man-made structures and landmarks, nestling them within the expansive ‘outback’ landscapes through aerial imagery captured by drones. These images are ingeniously woven into spherical compositions, pushing the boundaries of lens-based aerial photography both formally and aesthetically. This approach introduces an abstract, fresh perspective on contemporary landscapes and our role within them.

Photographed in the remote regions of Australia, the series showcases images of quaint towns, farms, mines, and historical sites, documenting the human footprint on the environment. It also highlights the shift in traditional rural lifestyles, drawing parallels with the profound changes witnessed in my hometown in rural South Korea. This collection serves as a visual narrative, exploring the interplay between humanity and nature, and reflecting on the transformations that shape our world.

The Fence 120cm x 120cm

Muddy road 120cm x 120cm

Corrugated Iron Church 120cm x 120cm

Gumlake_120cm x 120cm

Recall memory of blue sky _ 120cm x 120cm