Artwork Statement

Our modern lifestyle provides us with many benefits including convenience and  a diversity of products and services. However, there are also dark sides such as the loss of humanity as our lifestyles become more and more dependent on technology rather than physical movement.

Whether we are fast uptakers or drop behind in adopting the latest technology, today’s innovative items may be become waste products tomorrow.

My photographic series “Day after day” is about cinematic visual stories of people’s psychological reactions and feelings towards items of technology that we use in everyday life. There are mixed feelings; for example, technological barriers can be created against newly introduced hi-tech items, but on the other hand, some out-dated goods may evoke feelings of nostalgia from our memories.

Using objects such as retro electronic whitegoods, I install these in unfamiliar environments such as seashores, forests or the Australian outback.  The aim of my art installations is to try to restore humanity and identity within a life of modern complexity. The viewer of the artwork is confronted by the object in all its stark simplicity, devoid of any association with its common everyday usage, and is thus forced to think about how the dehumanising influences of technology alongside its usefulness.